Traditionally built conservatory roofs for the trade



Thermal performance

Enjoy a comfortable, ambient temperature all year round. Our conservatory roofs are tested to achieve a U-value of 0.18. We use precise engineering with high performance insulation resulting in the thermal equivalent of 125mm of PIR board. The roofs will retain your heating in the Winter and prevent excessive build-up in Summer. You will benefit from reduced energy bills for the lifespan of the roof immediately.

Plasterboard finishes the aesthetic of the design with exterior grade plywood bringing cross structural strength and water resistance, with a vapour membrane and Tapco premium lightweight composite tiles atop.

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Low maintenance

We offer the option of installing self-cleaning glass that has been specifically designed to remain cleaner for a longer period of time. A transparent coating works in conjunction with UV rays to brake down any dirt, which is then washed away. The more the self-cleaning glass is exposed to the sun and rain, the cleaner it will become.

Any heavy dust and grime can also be more easily removed with soap and water, because of the coating. This goes for laminated glass or the glass that has Georgian bars in between them as well. With little physical maintenance needed, homeowners in and around Leighton Buzzard can enjoy the benefits of low maintenance with our conservatory roofs.



Even with the options of glass panels and windows, the thermal performance of the design remains uncompromised throughout the year. You and your family can enjoy all the benefits of living in now warm, light, bright space all year round with a roof that will last and withstand the elements.


Versatile design

Many people look towards getting replacement conservatory roofs for many reasons. A warm solid conservatory roof can be perfect for growing your favourite indoor plants, or it can also be used for working in, or entertaining guests. A warm conservatory roof also allows you to relax in natural light whilst you enjoy the beautiful sky and your surroundings. These are only some of the reasons why all homeowners who've had conservatory roofs installed now refer to it as the best room in the house.

Why Choose Us

Family Run Business

We bring a family friendly approach to everything we do. Along with a combined 70 years experience in the building industry.


With over 10 years in the replacement conservatory roof trade, WCR Trade have the expertise, experience and knowledge to help you achieve your dream conservatory.


We come out on-site to help with your first roof or two, to train your fitters to ensure they are fully conversant in what they are doing.

We supply everything you need